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About Me

As the title says, about me and links to my internet profiles


Read my articles , although I don't write much

Chatbot NER

I code and maintain an open source NER system with Rules, Fuzzy search and CRFs tailored especially for chatbots. We use this at

Short Text Similarity

Just another repo I implemented while protoyping at work from a research paper back in 2010

Deep Char CNN LSTM Encoder

A work in progress experiment I am doing with siamese networks for text similarity. Expect very slow updates

Network Graph Tool

Create and save awesome directed/undirected, weighted/unweighted graphs with this tool I hacked over the weekend. Made with d3js.

Google Scholar Profile

Hoping to update and publish more soon 🙈

Codeforces | CodeChef | Hackerrank

I like competitive programming and problem solving

Classic Tetris (NES)

Some results of countless hours I have spent playing Classic Tetris for the NES 😛